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Founded in 2013, Marmara International is a strategic alliance between two leading group of companies in their respective business both in Turkey and UAE, aiming to bring to the region through our Dubai office, the extensive experience in producing high quality plants and  managing  large scale landscaping projects.

We are experts in providing project management and consulting services in various areas of landscape architectures, plantation projects, hard landscape projects, drainage system, automated irrigation system, slope and wall stabilization projects, with environmental friendly, aesthetical and functional designs.

Our plant production is implemented with modern technologies and by selecting plant varieties suitable for soil specifications and various climates. From seedlings to adult plants, all stages of production are under the control of our engineers and we do all necessary care operations to produce high quality plants.

Our services


  • Potted plants for the production of 2,000 m2
  • Hangar area of 5.000 m2 closed canopy
  • Greenhouse area of ​​10.000 m2


  • 5.000 m2 canopy with automatic irrigation systems,
  • Light sensor and auto plant nutrition system
  • Including every type of equipment required for plant health.


  • Manufactured plants are produced with modern technology.
  • Pot of 1,000,000 units per year engaged in the production of ornamental plants.
  • Production of 120 hectares of land.

Group Companies



Find here more than 3.000.000 pieces of ornamental plants; Deciduous Plants, Conifers, Semi-Trees, Bonzai Species, Shrubs, Climbing Species, Herbaceous and Reed Species, Fruit Trees and other exotics.

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It is an evergreen plant native to Africa and America and grows up to 8 m tall…

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Kniphofia can grow up to 80-100 cm and prefer sunny areas. The leaves are linear, green and long…

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